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*Publisher names in blue are only available in the U.S. *Publisher names in red are only available in Canada

9 Story Entertainment

9 Story's award-winning animation, production and distribution company delivers quality, integrity, and some of the most beloved and everlasting characters for families and young audiences.

9 story entertainment

A&E Television Networks

A&E Television Networks (AETN) a joint venture of The Hearst Corporation, Disney-ABC Television Group and NBC Universal, is an award-winning, international media company offering consumers a diverse communications environment ranging from television programming, to home videos/DVDs and music CDs, to Web sites, as well as supporting nationwide educational initiatives.

AETN is comprised of A&E Network®, History™, History International™, Bio™, History en español™, Military History™, Crime & Investigation Network™, A&E HD™, THC HD™, AETN International, A&E IndieFilms™ and AETN Consumer Products.

AE logo

Academic Media Network

Academic Media Network is a video and web movie production company based in Corvallis, Oregon. We produce interpretive videos, interactive CD-ROMS and web movies for a variety of clients, as well as curriculum-oriented videos for classroom use and distance learning. Our GlobeScope Division develops promotional documentaries, web movies, and other media for the travel industry.

Academic Media Network

Allied Video

Allied Video Corporation's quality, affordable educational videos and software include the popular Assistant Professor™ series that teach fundamental concepts in math, science and music, and the Basketball of the 90's ® video series which captures four of the nation's most successful coaches revealing their championship techniques.

Allied Video's programs have consistently received excellent ratings from many distinguished professional reviewing organizations!

Allied Video

AM Productions

Established in 1979, A M PRODUCTIONS INC. is a professional video and film production company based in Vancouver, British Columbia. We provide the highest level of production services from documentaries for television broadcast to corporate communications as well as TV commercials, promotions, training films and educational videos.

A M PRODUCTIONS utilizes a large in-house inventory of the best quality professional equipment and supplies for each production. Production packages range from Betacam SP to 16mm & 35mm film systems.

AM Productions

ATV Productions

ATV Productions

BBC Motion Gallery Education

An acclaimed collection of videos on hundreds of topics that reflect our changing times and enhance the learning experience like never before. We make it easy for you to create and customize your ideal video solution with a full range of services, from clip licensing to fully-produced video segments that provide the learning outcome you expect.

BBC Motion Gallery Education

Bennett-Watt HD Productions, Inc.

Bennett-Watt HD Productions, Inc., specializes in producing High Definition educational documentaries in their "Discoveries..." series focused on various countries worldwide. The documentary team of Jim & Kelly Watt, have over 45 years in the television news and documentary production business, and bring to the programs this vast experience attempting to capture the texture and fabric of featured regions. Supported by a highly skilled team of researchers and editors, Bennett-Watt's latest productions, "Discoveries...India, China, Japan and Korea" should be ready for release in early summer, 2008.

Bennett-Watt logo

Big Kids Productions

Big Kids Productions' catalog of children's videos, DVDs and audio product, is committed to delivering quality products for kids that both teach and entertain. Big Kids carefully reviews each product and chooses only the best of the best for this catalog. Most of the selections have won acclaim and awards from esteemed associations.

Big Kids Productions


Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, is a leading provider of learning and knowledge products. We're proud to be one of the world's most trusted sources of information on every topic imaginable - from the origins of the universe to current events and everything in between.

Get a glimpse of our company, products, and business opportunities here on our corporate site to see how we're making it happen.

Britannica Logo

Calbeck Productions


Taking cayre of our community...
Community Alliance for York Region Education (cayre) is a community-based registered charitable organization in York Region.

Our mission is to provide opportunities and advantages that enhance development and learning for children in the Region of York.

We focus on early literacy, at-risk communities, overcoming impediments/barriers to learning, providing leadership to community initiatives, promoting community involvement, and collaboration.

Chariot Distribution

Chariot Distribution specializes in sales of Native American and at-risk youth prevention media in the form of DVD, Video, and program leases since 1996. Program descriptions and sales can be accessed through our web site at

Chariot Logo

Classroom Media, Inc.

Classroom Media, Inc. has been a leader in educationally sound, award-winning Science programs that are both informative and entertaining. But don't think it ends there! Our Social Studies programs get raves from teachers and students. We have the information you need on American History, Global History, and Economics. Our programs on Australia were produced by Australians! The Industrial Arts (Wood Shop, Metal Shop, Graphic Arts) is another major area, and we've got Shakespeare formatted just the way you need it in the classroom. 37 Ground Pine Road, Morris Plains, New Jersey 07950.

Classroom Media Logo

Colman Communications

Colman communications, established in 1977, produces award-winning educations, informational and instructional videos for national and international audiences. Our client base includes broadcast, cable, VOD, streaming, publishing, educational, business, and nonprofit institutions worldwide. Our core competencies include program design, scripting, talent selection, on-location and studio production, animation and post-production.

Coleman Logo

Common Core 4 Kids

Common Core 4 Kids specializes in making animated videos to help assist kids in the math learning process. Our videos teach the basic math concepts in the lower grades of elementary school. The videos are used in and outside the classroom to assist educators and parents in the instruction of math concepts. We use 3d and 2d animation to help students get off to an amazing start in their journey with math.

Common Core 4 Kids Logo

Common Sense Education

Common Sense is the nation's leading nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families and educators thrive in a world of media and technology. Common Sense Education provides teachers and schools with free research-based classroom tools to help students harness technology for learning and life. Our K–12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum and interactive games teach students how to make safe, smart, and ethical decisions in the digital world. And our revolutionary educational rating system, Graphite, helps educators discover, use, and share high-quality digital products that propel student learning.

Common Sense Education Logo

Cookie Jar™

Cookie Jar

Destination Education

Destination Education was founded in order to continue to offer teachers the nation's most sought after classroom-use materials with titles such as Rainbow, Wonderwise, Mathtalk, and DragonFlyTV. Destination Education continues the philosophy of providing excellent content supported by a variety of benefits, extensive rights at an affordable cost.

Experience the learning enhancement Destination Education can bring to your classroom by placing your first order today. We invite your feedback, comments and suggestions of additional products Destination Education should be offering. Please contact DEI by email at

Destination Education

DVK Inc.

Earth Magic Media

Educational Activities, Inc.

Educational Activities, Inc. is a leading publisher of supplementary educational CDs, DVDs and Children's Books. Educational Activities' award-winning products include children's music CDs by best-selling authors Hap Palmer and Ella Jenkins among others; critical science videos for biology, earth science and health; basic skills videos; and professional development programs for teachers of young children.

Educational Activities Logo





Eye in the Ear®

Eye in the Ear® is a highly acclaimed, family owned children's audio story company dedicated to producing quality, inspirational children's stories. For over 20 years, the company has been committed to bringing storytelling to the forefront of child development and promoting children's imaginations, creative thinking, and independence.

To listen to audio clips, read testimonials, and find more information, please visit

Eye in the ear logo


Our development team, FableVision Studios, creates award-winning websites, games & activities, animated films, interactive graphic novels, museum kiosks, digital storybooks, desktop applications, and iPhone apps. Our media, storytelling and technology solutions move the meter for publishers, broadcasters, museums, research groups, foundations, and educational institutions.

Fablevision Logo

Film Clips Spirit of America

Film Clips for Character Education is a K–12 fully licensed, standards-based 8-DVD series with teacher guides featuring short clips from popular Hollywood movies for use as discussion triggers and teaching resources for character education, advisory, service learning and cross-curricular applications.

Each DVD features 12 Film Clips focusing on 3 character themes such as:

  • Honesty, Cooperation and Respect
  • Kindness, Good Sportsmanship and Self-Control
  • Bully Issues such as Knowing Yourself, Facing Peer Pressure and Understanding Bullies
  • Forgiveness, Vision and Empathy
  • Citizenship, Pride and Honor
  • Courage, Perseverance and Loyalty
  • Making the Ideal Real, Tolerance and Diversity
  • Diversity, Equality, Integrity, Freedom, Civics, Patriotism and Democracy

This series is endorsed by:

  • The Georgia, Wisconsin, North Carolina and California Departments of Education
  • The American School Counselor Association
  • The National Middle School Association
  • The National Service Learning Partnership
  • The Character Education Partnership
  • And many more administrations, organizations and educators

Film Clips Spirit of America

Film Ideas

Film Ideas is more than a company name, it's a concept. It's what makes us different. Yes, we acquire product, but we also produce our own, putting a unique spin on the "film idea" from conceptualization to the final delivered program. You never need to worry, they're ethnically balanced, politically correct, curriculum oriented (when warranted) and age appropriate. When we say our programs are "chaptered", we don't mean they're just "clips". They really are chaptered.

Film Ideas programs are enlightening, engaging and entertaining. And we'll deliver them most any way you want - as an interactive DVD, in your choice of digital file formats or mastered for broadcast. You get something of everything with a Film Ideas title. Give us a try!

Film Ideas logo

Genuine Pictures

Genuine Pictures Inc. is an award-winning independent production company based in Ashton, Ontario, near Ottawa. The company prides itself on producing high-quality, relevant programs for Canadian and International markets. Its projects range from children's programming to comedy, drama and documentaries. Since 1992, company President Donna Leon has produced, written and/or directed more than 125 episodes of television for Canadian networks and specialty channel broadcasters, including the series Leaps and Bounds, which received a Gold CanPro as Best Sports Special in 1995 and the 16mm film The Father of Basketball, which was honored with top prize for Best Broadcast Drama at the 1996 Reel Awards in Ottawa. Among the company's accolades are two Gemini nominations in 2002 for RELUCTANT HERO: The Donald Marshall Story, produced for CBC's biography series Life & Times and another in 2004 for ISLAND VETS.

Genuine Pics inc

Global Wonders

Global Wonders is a unique brand of cross-cultural entertainment and educational products that introduces children to the vibrant and varied cultures of their family, friends, neighbors and the world.

Created by a mother of two young children and a renowned team of experts from the world of children's entertainment and developmental education, Global Wonders inspires children to discover, share and compare everyday customs, music, heritage, language and lifestyles in the "kaleidoscope" of cultures that surround them.

Global Wonders


GPN carries over 3,000 titles and distributes over 150,000 educational programs annually, via videocassette and a variety of digital formats. With instructional materials that reach millions of students each year, children throughout the world are able to benefit from GPN's award-winning productions—now made even more accessible with our expanded Web-based sales. GPN works closely with organizations such as the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the National Science Teachers Association—as well as with teachers and state departments of education—to produce teacher's guides, CD-ROMs and other classroom-use materials that advance curriculum objectives, motivate learning, and are easy for teachers and students to use.

GPN Logo

Health Nuts Media

The Health Nuts Media mission is to engage kids (and adults) with animation, games, apps, and interactive experiences to make messages that are simpler, easier to understand, and, dare we say Health Nuts Media's team of doctors, nurses, educators, technology experts, writers, animators, game programmers, and more work together to create innovative experiences, which enable kids and their families to be better, informed and live healthier lives.

Health Nuts Media


The activities of INTELECOM (Intelligent Telecommunications) can be traced back to the late 1960s and to the foresight of Elton H. Rule, general manager of KABC-TV in Los Angeles. Rule issued a challenge to colleges in the southern California area. If a group of institutions could work together in the development of college credit television courses, he would supply production facilities and personnel, as well as local broadcast time to air the programs. Today, almost 40 years later, INTELECOM is a leading developer of digital learning resources and curriculum-based courseware for online and classroom-based instruction.

Intelecom Logo

Janson Media

The Janson Media DVD Catalog features a growing collection of quality special-interest and educational programs on DVD. Our titles range from children's and family films to award-winning documentaries and educational programs in many subject areas. Our educational titles are licensed exclusively from award-winning independent producers worldwide, and are purchased by colleges and universities, schools, public libraries, churches, hospitals and non-profit organizations of all kinds. The collection covers a wide range of categories, including travel, history, health and exercise, cooking, pop culture, nature & wildlife, art, music, spirituality, family & children's, and how-to and self-help DVDs.

Janson Logo

Jim Mckenna Teleshows

Language Universe

"The most effective and most entertaining language course available to children". Thus say Education experts in both the home school and the public school cultures regarding Language Universe's "PI Language Method".

Dr. Stephen West, President
Language Universe
PO Box 2415
Chapel Hill, NC 27515

Language Universe Logo

Learning ZoneXpress

Learning ZoneXpress is a leading producer of high quality educational videos. Beyond the educational value, they are entertaining, fresh, relevant and affordable. Many of our titles are Telly Award winners and have received excellent reviews from the leading Journals. While our emphasis is on nutrition and health, our collection includes child development, food preparation/international foods, career development, character & manners, safety, and sustainability.

Learning ZoneXpress

Lou Reda Productions

Lou Reda Productions is internationally recognized as one of this nation's outstanding documentary filmmakers, producing programs of the highest quality for cable and network television as well as numerous shorts and special presentations. The exceptional quality of Lou Reda Productions' work is evidenced by the numerous awards and recognitions with which it has been honored over the years. Best known for its documentaries, the company has also earned critical acclaim for its biographies.

The Reda Archives, one of the largest privately owned film and video archives in the United States, has emerged as one of the leading stock footage houses, providing premium quality footage to countless documentaries and featured films.

Lou Reda Logo

Lucerne Media

Lucerne Films, Inc. has been producing and distributing quality educational programs for over 30 years. We currently have more than 1,000 programs in video, DVD, and digital format for schools, colleges, public libraries, and business & industry. Our collection features guidance, health, science, social sciences, language arts, career education, as well as multi-disciplinary children's programs.

Lucerne Logo

Lucky Cat Productions

Lucky Cat Productions


Marsh Media Inc.

MarshMedia's distinctive educational materials have delighted and informed children and taught them to live more effectively in their diverse and rapidly changing worlds. The company's thoughtfully-developed materials consistently win the respect and the commendation of parents, teachers, guidance counselors, nurses, educational organizations, and professional publications across the country.


Mazzarella Media

We enjoy teaching kids about all kinds of stuff. And we're good at it.

That's why we produce educational media for the classroom and DVDs for children. Teachers, media specialists, and parents alike have come to trust Mazzarella Media and our award-winning videos. Our programs engage children, energize a classroom, and enhance learning. We incorporate only the highest production values in every program. Each is designed to stimulate the imagination, nurture creativity, motivate, and encourage kids to explore the world around them.

Mazzarella Logo

Media Rich Learning

Media Rich Learning

Meet the Musicians

Meet the Musicians series seeks to introduce audiences young and old to the lives, times and music of famous composers. Pianist/actor Dennis Kobray utilizes a first person storytelling style to portray Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin, Brahms, George Gershwin or a friend of Scott Joplin in hour-long dramas that bring these geniuses to life. Five of these programs (Mozart, Beethoven, Joplin, Gershwin and Bach) have been recorded on DVD and are a popular educational tool for teachers. The Coalition for Quality in Children's Media awarded Meet the Musicians top honors for "preparing the next generation of concert goers".

Meet the Musicians Logo

Metafour Production

Monterey Media, Inc.

Monterey Media Inc., a uniquely independent studio , is a privately owned entertainment industry company specializing in the creation, acquisition, distribution and sale of motion picture. Monterey Media is actively engaged in all areas of domestic media, including theatrical distribution to theatres, film festivals, and other distinctive venues, and is presently increasing its release slate with a continued measured growth strategy.

Monterey is known for its creative marketing strategies incorporating promotional alliances with such strategic partners as Wal-Mart, Fischer Price, Pepsi Cola, American Express, Amnesty International USA, Make-A-Wish Foundation® of America, Children's Cancer Research Fund, KIDS FIRST!®, Days Inns, the International Motorcycle Shows, Healthy World Healthy Child, and Wahoo's Fish Taco Restaurants.

Monterey Media Logo

National Geographic

National Geographic Digital Media is the archive and licensing agent for all National Geographic full-length and short-form programming in the education market. From the well-known television Specials that began in 1963 to its flagship National Geographic Explorer series, National Geographic documentaries pursue the Society's mission of inspiring people to care about the planet. National Geographic is widely recognized for the quality of its video productions and has won numerous honors, including more than 100 Emmy Awards. From Earth and life science to ancient civilizations, geography, and world cultures, these visually compelling videos cover a wide range of content areas for use in the classroom. National Geographic Digital Media is proud to offer more than 100 titles to Learn360 customers.

National Geographic Logo

National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation is the primary federal agency supporting research across all fields of science and engineering and all levels of science and engineering education. We seek to advance the frontiers of knowledge, spur innovation, cultivate a world-class, broadly inclusive science and engineering workforce, expand the scientific literacy of all citizens, and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers.

National Science Foundationc Logo


Founded in 1971, Nelvana is one of the world's leading international producers and distributors of children's animated content. Nelvana develops, produces and distributes animated content, and is part of the Corus Kids Television entertainment portfolio. The Nelvana Studio operates out of a state-of-the-art digital animation production facility in Toronto. Nelvana's library now has well over 3,600 half-hour animated episodes including such well known properties as Babar, Franklin, Rolie Polie Olie, and Berenstain Bears. Nelvana's content has aired in over 150 countries and has received over 70 major international program awards including Emmys and Geminis.

Nelvana Logo

Northey Productions

Northey Productions Limited has been producing animated science videos for the educational/instructional video/broadcast market for more than 25 years.

Partners In Rhyme

Partners In Rhyme, Inc has been delivering royalty free music and sound effects online since 1996 and carries only the highest quality music and sfx.

Partners in Rhyme

Phoenix Learning Group

The high quality of the Phoenix film library has brought the Company hundreds of awards from both U.S. and international film and video festivals, including several Blue and Red Ribbon awards at the American Film Festival, Cine Golden Eagles, and an Academy Award® for the best live-action short film production of the popular children's book, MOLLY'S PILGRIM. The Phoenix Learning Group serves a variety of customers and markets, domestically and worldwide, including: Television, Cable System and Network, Instructional Television, Networks, School Systems, Public Libraries, Business and Industry, and Other Specialized Markets.

Phoenix Logo

Planet Bonehead

Our philosophy is that by empowering kids, we are setting them up for success. An empowered mind sees solutions. An empowered child sees a bright future for himself or herself, and for the world at large.

Planet bonehead


Reading Rainbow (Smarterville)

Smarterville, Inc., is backed by Sterling Partners, and is a leading provider of branded, supplemental educational content and solutions. Serving both the consumer and educational markets with respected product brands such as Hooked on Phonics® and Sunburst Technology®, Smarterville empowers parents and teachers to help children succeed. For more information, please visit or

Reading Rainbow

Rising Star Education

Rising Star Education is a production and distribution company whose award winning content entertains children while reinforcing excellence in character, life skill development and making wise choices. Some of the best known brands in character development are from Rising Star Education; The 5 time Emmy award winning series "Auto-B-Good", "The Book of Virtues" and "Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs." Rising Star Education materials are used in over 5,500 schools nationwide and have been translated into 23 foreign languages.

Rising Star

Rock The SAT

Rock the SAT, the wildly popular study guide that uses rock music to teach SAT vocabulary, has been featured on FOXNews, NPR Morning Edition, MTV/VHI online, Rolling Stone online, the New York Times Book Review, The New York Post, and The London Times Higher Education Supplement. Exploiting the power of music and melody, Rock the SAT uses more than 20 vocabulary words—with a synonym or definition nearby—in each catchy original rock song so that memorizing difficult vocabulary is as easy as memorizing a pop tune. It's no surprise that educators, parents, and students have brought Rock the SAT into the classroom, or that Rock the SAT fans have inspired song-writing competitions, dances, and battle of the bands. Combining pedagogy with pop music, Rock the SAT is a rare thing in education.

Rock the SAT Logo


The corporate mission of Scholastic is to encourage the intellectual and personal growth of all children, beginning with literacy, the cornerstone of all learning. With more than 90 years of experience supporting the learning lives of children, today Scholastic remains committed to providing quality, engaging educational content in digital and print formats for the next generation of learners, and the families and educators who guide them.

Scholastic Audiobooks

Shirley and Giora

Slim Goodbody Corp.

The Slim Goodbody Corp. has been a producer of award-winning children's television programming for the past thirty years and is a recognized leader in health promotion. Though best known for the health character, Slim Goodbody, the company has extensively produced programs for history, mathematics, reading readiness, environmental education and corporate training.

Slim Goodbody has also developed award-winning programs in cooperation with the American Academy of Pediatrics, the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, the American Osteopathic Association, and the YMCA.

Slim Goodbody

Smith Productions

Smudge Productions

SoundWorks, Inc.

SoundWorks, Inc. produces, manufactures and markets spoken word DVDs and Compact Discs. Products contain important and well-known speeches from U.S. Presidents, politicians, and world leaders. From the 1930s through the present, original video footage and audio recordings are used of dramatic speeches that changed the course of history and inspired millions worldwide.

SoundWorks Logo

Spellbound Productions

Sunburst Visual Media

Since 1972, Sunburst Media has been a leading publisher of life-skills educational media for the K–12 market. Sunburst's reputation is built on the ability to present tough-to-teach topics in a realistic, non-judgmental, and engaging manner. Sunburst provides award-winning K–12 programs in the following areas: academic instruction, guidance and health education, and counseling.

Sunburst Media honors its relationship with educators and counselors by striving every day to provide the highest quality programs, using the most up-to-date media, to help ensure every student's success.

Sunburst Visual Media and Learn360 are divisions of AIM Education, Inc.

Sunburst Logo

The Creative Native

The Creative Native

Third Wave Productions

Third Wave

TMW Media Group

Founded in 1989, TMW Media Group, Inc. publishes and distributes award-winning, educational programming across the Pre-K–12 curriculum. Including robust titles in science, math, social studies, character education, health/guidance and more, our vast library is heralded by educators for its quality, versatility and compatibility with best practices for teaching and learning. Featuring over 900 quality, multi-dimensional programming, the curriculum programs include DVD and videos for child development, science, literature, math, social issues, art, sports, geography, history, music, and sports. We have co-branded releases with organizations ranging from trade publications to the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation.

TMW Logo

TVO & TVO Kids

TVO is Ontario's public educational media organization and a trusted source of interactive educational content that informs, inspires, and stimulates curiosity and thought. TVO's vision is to empower people to be engaged citizens through educational media.

TVO uses its media resources to support the following priorities of the Ontario Ministry of Education:

    • Contribute to school readiness and help kids to be successful learners;
    • Increase the involvement of parents in their children's education;
    • Encourage active citizenship and public engagement.
TVO Logo

TVO Kids

Twin Sisters Productions

Since 1987, Twin Sisters Productions has been dedicated to producing quality educational and inspirational music resources for children, families, and educators. Music resources from Twin Sisters Productions have regularly received awards for educational excellence, creativity, and classroom and family fun—National Parenting Publications Award, Dr. Toy's Best Picks, Learning Magazine Teacher's Choice Award, The National Parenting Center Seal Of Approval, and more.

Twin Sisters Logo

Two Little Hands Productions

Signing Time is a labor of love, born out of the desire for one mother to create a community that could communicate with her deaf daughter. Two Little Hands Productions, co-founded by sisters Rachel Coleman and Emilie Brown, is the company that produces and distributes the Signing Time product line.

VEA Inc.

VEA Inc. (Video Education America) is a producer of over 100 educational, curriculum-focused video titles a year. VEA undertakes extensive research to determine the video needs of educators and produces titles for most high school subject areas including science, math, language arts, health and guidance, vocational and IT, careers, hospitality, art, music and social studies. VEA's vision is to produce videos that bring learning to life in the classroom.

VEA Logo

Visual Learning Systems

Visual Learning Systems ​produces K–12 units of study for the science classroom in Spanish and English. Its mission is to reignite a passion for teaching and learning science. VLS' animators, designers, videographers, and producers led by Brian A. Jerome, Ph.D, masterfully use their experience to create powerful learning tools. Video programs feature original live-action footage and animations, closed-captioning, frequent on-screen questions, repetition of vocabulary, clear visual cues for understanding, and video assessments to support the K–12 science curriculum. Visual Learning Systems' science videos are used by educational organizations throughout the United States and internationally, including K–12 Schools, Community Colleges, Dual Language Programs, Special Educators, Schools for the Deaf, District Media Centers, State Departments of Education, and Instructional Television Stations. Visual Learning Systems' products are adaptable to all learning styles and abilities. All programs are produced by Brian A. Jerome, Ph.D. and Stephanie Zak Jerome. Stephanie Zak Jerome is the president of Visual Learning Systems, responsible for sales and business operations. Stephanie earned her BA at the University of Vermont in 1984; Masters in Public Policy at University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 1989; and was awarded a Presidential Management Internship. Prior to Visual Learning Systems, she served as a policy analyst at NASA headquarters in Washington, DC, for seven years in the Office of Space Science working on external relations, legislation, education, and issues related to space science missions. Brian A. Jerome Ph.D. is the director of production and CEO for Visual Learning. He earned his BS in education from the University of Vermont in 1984, and Masters Degree and Ph.D. in education from Syracuse University in 1990. His doctoral dissertation research focused on the educational initiatives of a large environmental organization based in Mexico. Brian has experience as a classroom science teacher in elementary, middle and high schools. For seven years, he worked teaching professional development and curriculum writing for the JASON Project at the National Geographic Society.

Visual Learning Systems

Weston Woods

Weston Woods was founded in 1953 by Morton Schindel who became fascinated with picture books while reading to his children. He was inspired by their involvement with the stories and the rapt attention they paid to the illustrations and their eagerness to listen to a story over and over again.

Weston Woods Logo

World Vision

World Vision

Worldlife Video Productions

Worldwide Academic Media

Worldwide Academic Media is a leading distributor and producer for DVDs into the North American educational market. Over the years, we have met the educational media needs for 150,000+ schools, libraries and academic organizations. For close to 30 years, the principals have specialized in the acquisition., production and marketing/distribution of award winning series and feature films dealing with Americana, Westerns, historical events, biographies, nature, science, travel, and animal programs, among others. Having an in-house production crew and an award winning documentary producer on staff, as well as strong developed relationships with hundreds of independent international educational producers/distributors, has allowed Worldwide Academic Media to become a leader in quality, relevant educational programs and series.

Worldwide academic media